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Welcome to steven.COM.MY

Hello People, Thank you for browsing www.steven.com.my! My name is Steven Nagendran, this is a dedicated website for “Steven”, if you don’t really know me, please feel free to browse around.

A Brief Intro

Who am I ?
I’m Steven, born in Malaysia , living in Kuala Lumpur, the heart of Malaysia, I’m dedicated to only ONE thing, and that is…..Computers!

What I do?
Well, basicly am a Technology Trainer, involved in training People to gain their full potentials in technologies, there are many things I teach, and implement from UNIX to Linux to Windoze , Exchange to Vmware… and lot more!

Why are you reading this?
You might get into this website because, you were browsing around or I have directed you to steven.com.my!

What you need to do now?
Need to know more about me? need to ask question on things i’ve delivered? , PLEASE browse around the site.. you’ll find more…..

Where to meet me?
Browse my calendar, and if you find I am free on a day,  Contact me and set an appointment, Then, we can Meet up….

Is this site an [ e-commerce ] , [ PAID – Site ] or [ Charges Apply Site ] ?
NO! Every INFO in this Site is free!! to use and reuse. Its a dedicated WebSite for Steven’s Students, Customers and Partners.

Wanna Contact me? 
Use the Contact Steve to find more about my contact information.

Thank You
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